We use avocados regularly and flaunt on the delicious smoothies made out of it. We enjoy this tasty treat and refresh ourselves with its juice. While we binge on it, we neglect the thought that is it a fruit or a vegetable? Most of the people don’t know about it.

ketogenic diet

We all know ketogenic diet for losing or maintaining our body weight but do you know these less-talked but the science-backed interesting hidden facts about the keto diet? Let’s explore with us and get your information updated on a ketogenic diet with our today’s blog!

What is Keto Diet?


Cure your Flu with Natural Ingredients

Health is a wonderful gift. We never care about our health until we ruin it. When we are sick, the uneasy sensation even if we are in bed, is very troublesome. The increase in body temperature, body aches, and nasal congestion leaves everyone miserable. Catching a cold in winters is

Winter is here, it is the time when we get lazy and end up in our bed all day with a blanket on, or sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. But winter brings warm and delicious “Soups” with them to double the fun of fish crackers.

Christmas Brings all the Bling

Christmas is around the corner and holidays are shining with its glare. Now, this is the time to get out of your beds and prepare for the wonderful occasion. Are you waiting for Santa to come and prepare a menu for your Christmas dinner and decorate your Christmas tree? Gear