Body Mass Index is Important to know for Health!

Nobody wants to get fat. Everyone is cautious about their health these days. To ensure proper health, keeping your weight in check is essential. As we know, the accumulation of unnecessary fat in the body proves to be harmful. So, we need to maintain our diet and enjoy a fit and healthy life. Getting overweight not only makes you look fat but also affects your health. It is very important to keep your weight within the normal range. For this, you have to follow a proper diet plan, do exercise regularly and make sure you don’t eat junk food 24/7. Just keep a natural and organic diet.

There are many ways to see if you are overweight or not. The most common of it is through Body mass index. It is an easy method and doesn’t require any type of equipment or stuff. You just need to put the values of your body weight and height to check if your Body mass index lies within the normal range. People of different age groups have different standards for being normal. So people of different ages cannot have the same Body mass index. Your height very much matters in BMI. It was basically a method devised in the old era to see how many people lie in the category of obese. 

What is Body Mass Index?

Body mass index is a method to see if the person is overweight or not. It was devised by a Belgian astronomer, sociologist, and mathematician. This is a basic formula that uses your body weight and height to determine if you are obese or not. The person who has a body mass index higher than 25 is considered more likely to become obese in the future. so it is advised to avoid meals of great calories and focus on burning calories by doing exercise regularly. It is an easy way to erect your pathway towards good health. Normally, you would have to go through a proper checkup to see if you are overweight.

It will also help you determine if you have any type of anomalies in your body. Your body height and body weight are basic factors for determining the body mass index. If you have a BMI higher than normal, you can make diet plans and focus on your nutrition. This way you can avoid the serious complications which come along obesity, beforehand.

The benefit of BMI

Body mass index comes handy at many events. You won’t have to visit hospitals and get appointments from the physicians just to know if you are doing okay. It can be very annoying and can also cost you much. You just have to measure your body weight and height and put it in a simple formula. 

Also, the formulae are very simple like dividing your weight by your height or putting these in a simple equation. Today, many people are suffering from chronic diseases and infection which are rooted in obesity. Obesity may not be a disease itself but can stimulate many ailments. So keep in check your body mass index and change your diet plans and nutrition accordingly. This way you can enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Formula to Calculate

The calculation of body mass index is very simple. You don’t have to get a Ph.D. degree in mathematics to know your Body mass index. It is a very simple equation. But to calculate the right body mass index, you have to use the right units of body mass and height. For example, if you take body mass in kilograms than you have to measure height in meter square. A simple BMI equation is:

BMI= bodyweight(kg)/height(m2)

This is a simple division formula. If you are calculating your body mass in lbs or pounds than taking height inches would be best. The use of the right units matters while measuring an individual’s body mass index.

Regular BMI chart

Regular BMI charts tell us about the certainty of becoming overweight. The value of your BMI can lie under the four main categories of this BMI chart. It will tell you whether you should work on yourself or not. The table is as follow:

BMI value                                                                      Weight status

Less than 18.5                                                               Underweight

18.5-24.9                                                                         Healthy

25-29.9                                                                           Overweight

30 or above                                                                     Obese

These are the four categories. Now calculate your own Body mass index and see where the value lies. If your BMI value is between 18.5 to 24.9, you need to worry. Just eat a proper diet and you will remain the same. But if you have a BMI value of more than 25, it is most likely you will get obese in the future. 

Low BMI Value

Low BMI value is the indication of being underweight. If your BMI value is less than 18.6 then you should work on your diet and add much more nutritional things in it. But this is not necessarily true. Kids or children of lower age will surely have a BMI value less than 18.6 which is normal for than. BMI depends widely on body height. Kids, usually do not have heights greater than 5 feet. So it is less likely for them to calculate BMI value. While on the other hand if any adult has a low BMI value than he/she should improve their diet and workout. Or may consult a physician.

High BMI Value

High BMI value is the indication of being overweight. If your BMI value is greater than 24.9 then you are overweight. Being overweight is dangerous. It will give vent to serious complications. Researches have shown that people who are overweight have 90% more chances of developing coronary diseases and diabetes mellitus than normal-weight people. So, it is up to you to control body weight and fat intake. It will only prove fatal for you.

The people with body mass index values above 30 are obese. They are in the most danger. An obese person will surely indulge in severe complications. This can bring demise to their health. They have an essential need for proper workout plans and should focus more on burning up extra calories. This will be the only way to enjoy a healthy life.

Body Fat

Body fat plays an important role while calculating BMI value. It has a vast influence on body weight. Distribution of the fat on the right body space makes you look more pleasing and appealing. Like the boys tend to look more muscular and stern. It gives them confidence. So fat on the arms or chest can make them look good. While on the other hand fat on the pelvic cavity and thighs of the girls can give them a sense of attractiveness. It all depends on the trends of the society we live in. Fat accumulation on the belly is unacceptable. It is considered ominous and makes you look ugly, while the same cannot be said on the thighs.


People with BMI value more than 24.9 and within 30 are considered to be overweight. Overweight people are not really obese but are on there way. Obesity brings along different types of complications like heart failure, stroke, arteriosclerosis, and brain damage. All these are due to excess storage of fats in the form of adipose tissue or embolus in the body. These can block arteries and veins which supply essential nutrients to the vital organs. So, overweight people need to focus more on their health and wellness. They should include dietary fibers and organic food which can replace fats in their diet. This way they can change their fat intake without disturbing their meal routine.

Disadvantages of BMI

Though Body mass index is the quickest and easiest way to know if you are overweight or not, it has disadvantages of its own. The body mass index formula is a very simple equation. It only requires your body weight and height. This way you can not really tell if the fat is on the waist or on other parts of the body. Many bodybuilders and sportsmen can have a high body mass index value, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are overweight. It is due to the accumulation of extra muscles in the right place which helps them on the go. 


Though BMI is derived from an equation, it is not always correct. There can be many flaws if you check your BMI on the internet. By only using your body weight and height you cannot really find out if you are in good health or not. You have to be more specific about things. So believing entirely on the BMI value is not a good thing. You should keep in view other things as well. Knowing Your BMI value can give you an idea of your health and body weight. So make some alterations in your exercise and routine meals to be safe and sound.

The difference in Values

It is very much possible to have difference in the BMI value while calculating from different formulae or units. So it is always better to take a mean and then decide on which category you lie. There can be minor differences, but if there is a major difference you should check if you are using the right units. It is better to keep in check your body mass index value as well as the basal metabolic rate. It will help you focus on the nutrition and exercises you should focus on.  

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