Cooking on Television vs Reality

Cooking shows on TV have a great impact on the mindset and daily life of people. Most people give cooking shows much importance because of their advantages and learning opportunities. Most people learn a vast range of recipes of both national and international level from cooking shows. It indeed has become a dynamic source of information throughout the world, yet sometimes things are not what they look like, people often complain that the things they make and the things which are shown on television do not look alike. This is due to many factors and other things that a person overlook while implementing the recipe shown on a cooking show. There are more than enough problematic factors while cooking or baking food which is overlooked by normal people.      

Problems while cooking in Real Life

As we have discussed above, When you observe most VIP cooking specialists get down to business on television it is

  1. Confounding
  2. Scaring,
  3. An act
  4. Ingredients
  5. Decoration/Garnishing
  6. Presentation

Baffling and Confounding

Now one has a question in his mind that why I said bewildering and confounding. It is confounding in this sense that each ingredient including most basic things like tomatoes, garlic ginger, and many small vegetables or garnishing things are generally arranged ahead of time, and it is prepared so that cooking expert can never show his blade ability. Professionals generally don’t waste time on little things and mainly focus on the main course. Moreover, the experts are very professional in the cutting and grilling because it is like their daily job which makes them really good at it, which normal people cannot do so. Not to mention that the experts have greater efficiency in their cutting and they cut accurately without wasting time, and achieve very fine texture which cannot be achieved by normal people. It will undoubtedly have an impact on almost all of us who can never attain such speed and accuracy (and for what reason would we, truly?) to slash an onion with our eyes shut. Chef has the ability to make nourishment fly noticeably while cooking the food. As well as he has the ability at the introduction of the show and maintaining the energy till the end of it, which has literally nothing to do with the taste.

An Act

Well, it is all an act since it’s everything scripted and filmed, and in this manner, it doesn’t count out the real facts that may occur while cooking for real and doesn’t give a feeling of confusion and stress which happens in real life. For example, things that we prepare in time like 2 to 3 hours but it is prepared in 10 minutes. Also, I’m not talking about the braising time or something like grilling but rather the genuine work time included.

When a TV is taped or recorded, a wide range of appalling errors is mysteriously made to disappear so that it may not affect the rating. When one is at a filming set or recording location of a program there are thousands of mistakes that will get omitted by using software and other methods. Same goes for cooking program whenever a problem occurs during a show and anything goes wrong they just do it again like a film shooting. Moreover, The remarks they give about the taste may not be true, because they won’t show their flaws on screen. The Garnishing and other servings on the Main course may not be available easily in daily routine life.   

Food gets burned into flames sometimes, even in the specialist kitchens. Things overcook, some may remain half-cooked, Some looks like the feline hauled in, Some are oversalted, underspiced, soaked when they ought to be fresh, dry when they ought to be soggy even in eateries. While in lavish eateries, the culinary experts do these over. On television, culinary specialists get it removed from the recording. Quite seldom you are given the actual footage of what truly goes on.

Cooking Ingredients and Sauces

In fact, there are also many people with the expert which have got the expert’s back and aid him/her when he needs it. However, while we cook in our house we do not have any kind of assistance. We have to bear all the load on us, due to which we lose the track of time and over or undercook food. The masalas and the spices that we use are locally made while the spices that expert use are brand made which affect the dish color and aroma, which cause an effect on the decoration of the food as well.

Decoration, Food Garnishing

Most of the people are attracted to the food because of decorations. When food is made at home, Normal people like us do not have that talent to nourish it on the plate as compared to an expert. So people lose hope. Experts have such sauces which are not easily available in the market and are essential for the food as the chef used it as a main ingredient. But due to not unavailability in the market people lose hope.

Despite the disadvantages of the cooking shows, they are essential for one’s knowledge and one may check new dishes online. He should aware himself from international food and culture as he may feel like he is a part of it. Even a normal person can make food with only watching cooking shows or even a  guy who does not know the ABC of cooking can cook.

Bottom Line

Cooking shows and cooking in real life are two totally different things. Cooking food on the TV is easier than cooking food at home. On TV the overall mistakes and many errors are totally omitted because of the viewers and the rating of the show.

Things are done again and again and the ingredients which are present there are already cut. The sauces provided and different ingredients present are normally unavailable in the supermarket. Different spices used by experts are brand made, local spices do not serve the same purpose. Homemade plate decoration is not like expert decorations which discourage its viewers, but despite all facts cooking shows give great knowledge and provide a great view of everyone’s culture internationally.                    

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