Salubrious Fruit Curing Ailments Naturally – Avocado

We use avocados regularly and flaunt on the delicious smoothies made out of it. We enjoy this tasty treat and refresh ourselves with its juice. While we binge on it, we neglect the thought that is it a fruit or a vegetable? Most of the people don’t know about it. Let’s find out the things about avocado you never knew before.

Avocados are fruits produced in Central America. It is a berry with fleshy pulp and has a single seed in it. There are more than 80 different types of avocados nowadays, from which most popular is Hass variety. This mouth-watering treat has countless benefits. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and has greater water percentage that is very beneficial for weight loss. It is mostly eaten raw and is also prescribed by nutritionists for the diet. It is a delicious treaty which is beneficial for both health and weight loss. So, why use long diet plans when we can lose weight while chewing delicious fruit.


All fruits are beneficial for our health and a treat to our mouth. Avocados have countless benefits to our health. It can cure arthritis, can be aphrodisiac, promote skin glow, promote healing and offers many more benefits. Some of the major benefits of using avocados are given below:

Assists Proper Liver functioning

The liver is the most vital organ of our body. It performs the major functions of the body and has the ability to self regenerate. Even if it has this ability, it doesn’t mean we can assume that it won’t misfunction. The liver can work optimally only if it is supported by the body, and the best way to prevent it from high cholesterol and blood triglyceride diseases is the use of avocados. Avocados help lower blood cholesterol for proper liver functioning and stimulate the release of most powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants save our body from free radicals and protect eyes.

Aids in Skin Healing

One of our major daily issues counts dry or oily skin. Although we care for our skin it still has temporary effects. Avocados can be used for better skin health. They are packed with high levels of antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamin C is used to keep the skin healthy and supple for years. It synthesis collagen protein which enhances your beauty. Avocado helps to keep your skin wet but sustaining the moisture inside with the fats barrier. It also strengthens its structural barrier. Avocados can also speed up the wounds healing by stimulating the immune system.

Refines your Eye Health

The absorption of nutrients do wonder to health. Avocados help to absorb good and greater nutrients and stimulates the production of antioxidants like zeaxanthin etc. These antioxidants are 10 times salubrious for eyes. It protects them from free radicals and brings down the development of cataracts. It also refines night vision and lessens nerve cells degeneration in eyes. It is really fruitful for the people of older age. Muscle degeneration is also reduced with the use of avocados. Therefore, utilization of avocados benefits your eye health over the long term.

Avocados are Rich in Fibers

Although fibers are indigestible by the human body, its assimilation still has many benefits. Without the natural plant-based nutrients, our body can never work properly. Vegetables and fruits are highly rich in nutrients. Fibers are important for normal health but can be irritating which come in contact with beneficial nutrients and take them along. To eliminate this threat more intake of fats is advised. Many fat-soluble nutrients would be transported to the blood which otherwise would have gone to waste. Good fats acts as a carrier for beneficial nutrients and Avocados are loaded with good fats. Therefore, more use of avocados will prevent the loss of advantageous nutrients.

Reduce the Cholesterol Levels

Taking diet with low-fat and glucose quantity leads to diseases, While eating diets with greater quantities of fats and triglycerides leads to heart diseases. All fats are not bad. Fats are essential for the proper function of your heart and hemostasis of your body. Fats also keep cholesterol levels in control. There are two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL. HDL is the good cholesterol which is used by the body and keeps the cholesterol value in control while LDL is harmful to health and its value is kept down in the body as triglycerides. Avocados are rich in HDL and help the body to keep down LDL. It improves the heart functioning as well as cholesterol values. It is researched that people on the low-fat diet can improve their cholesterol value by adding avocados in it.

Diminishes Bad Breath

It is quite embarrassing to have bad breath, and people start to avoid you. They try their best to not to come in contact with you. But avocados can help you with it. Avocado contains flavonoids which fight and diminish the bacterial or fungal outgrowth. With the reduction in bad breath causing agents, there is a quite low chance of developing halitosis. Avocados can also help to lessen the probability of developing mouth ulcers.

Promising Treatment for Arthritis

Arthritis is very common in older people. Osteoarthritis and goit are the debilitating diseases which cause extreme pain and suffering to the individual. There is hardly any permanent treatment for arthritis. Only temporary pain relievers and counter pain medications are prescribed. Research has shown that there is a compound found in avocados which can cure arthritis, though the actual amount to be assimilated has not yet discovered. But an avocado a day can relieve you from your joints pain and longer use of avocados can totally diminish it. That compound from avocado lessens your pain while the fats from it act as a cushion to the tissue between your joints.

Slightly Aphrodisiac in nature

Avocados are considered aphrodisiac. Though they are not truly aphrodisiac in nature, they do have effects. Even the word ‘avocado’ is derived from Aztec language meaning testicle. As mentioned above avocados are rich in fats and controls cholesterol level, which in turn increases testosterone production. Whereas the diet plans with low-fat intake lead to lower production of testosterone and low sex drive. So avocados indeed are aphrodisiac in nature.

Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the major issues in our daily life. Everyone wants to be in shape and lose excessive weight. Avocado will help you lose your weight without those long-term diet plans and hard workouts. By knowing avocados are rich in fats, people misunderstand it. Avocados suppress your intake of calories and satisfy you. By eating avocado daily you may skip a meal. It reduces your appetite and stabilizes your cholesterol and fats levels. When included in meals it represses your calorie intake.

Bottom Line

Some of the countless benefits of avocados are mentioned above. This tasty fruit is a delight to our mouth and a blessing to our health. It’s a good source for weight loss and eye health. Now it is up to you to drink avocado’s smoothies or enjoy it with meals like a salad to get all the health benefits.

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