Way to Lose Weight without Cutting Fats out! – Ketogenic Diet

Whenever you search for ways to lose weight, ketogenic diet is always included in the list. Is ketogenic diet really reducing body weight or it’s like all those fake promises to make you fit in an ideal body size by just lifting a magical wand? Get the answer to this question on your own with the help of our today’s blog. Many people find it difficult to get used to a diet plan. It may make you feel sluggish and this feeling will last three weeks when you start a diet.

Know the Keto

Changing your intake of carbs totally into fats is no easy task. But when in return, it rewards you with an ideal body weight then you can sacrifice some of your carb and junk days. And may surely, be convinced to give it a try. A low carbs diet is really beneficial to your health and helps in reducing body weight but people on ketogenic diet binge on bacon sandwiches, chicken and all fats and proteins. It is a major benefit of the ketogenic diet. People can eat and still lose their body weight, which might have seemed impossible in the past. No hunger pangs no uneasiness. Fats produce steady energy and keep the body go.

Let’s go through the facts, that what good Ketogenic diet can do to us:

Decrease in Appetite

Hunger is the major drawback in every type of diet. People can’t resist it and at the end, they feel down and give up eventually. They feel passive and lethargic. A Ketogenic Diet leads to less hunger. Research says that people in the ketogenic diet do not feel greater hunger and are satisfied by their normal meals. Even the people with ravenous appetite do not have the urge to eat excessively.

Weight Loss

A Ketogenic diet has a different approach to weight loss. The ketogenic diet contains 75%fats, 20%proteins, and 5% carbohydrates. Thus, the body’s supply of carbohydrates ‘carbs’ is cut which leads to low blood sugar level. Which in turn leads to water loss. Basically, the reduction in carbs stimulates the Fats to lose the water they’ve been retaining and become smaller. Loss of water leads to the loss of body weight. The smaller fat cells enter the bloodstream, where the liver turns them into ketones, and the process goes on and on as longs as the person clings on to the diet.

Better Brain Functioning

Energy driven out from crabs is always fluctuating. It depends on your blood sugar level and can never be stable, that also affects your brain functioning. In a ketogenic diet, a person relies on the ketones for its energy. Ketones in blood provide steady energy to brain and body. Enhancing the brain’s ability to focus by several folds. It is hard to explain that you can never work at 100% on carbs. You will see the difference when you will experience it yourself. Ketogenic diet keeps you alert and canny.

Greater Energy Level

Normally body tends to store energy in the form of Glycogen. The body cannot store a greater amount of glycogen; thus, our body usually has lower energy reservoirs. But in the case of the ketogenic diet, the energy is stored in form of fats, these fats are used during body reactions where more fats are available. There is an unlimited supply of energy to keep your day going. Now say goodbye to your old lethargic self and be active and refresh all day long.

Prevention from Heart Diseases

High carbs produce triglyceride molecules which are a type of fat and floats in the bloodstream. These are a strong heart disease risk factor. Therefore, In a ketogenic diet, low carbs enter the body and effectively reduce your risk of heart disease. However, low carbs also have a positive effect on blood pressure. It lowers the blood pressure and reduces the risk of “Hypertension”. Low carbs diet is very useful to your body, it increases the level of HDL cholesterol and reduces the level of LDL cholesterol. HDL keeps the cholesterol away from the body and take it to the liver to get rid of it. Increase in its level makes a body safer, healthy and sound.

Supports Women with PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder in females with excessive sex hormones. Research has shown that the females on the ketogenic diet have the reversal of androgen hormone and an increase in fertility. It improves the balancing ratios of Luteinizing hormone/ Follicle stimulating hormone and clears the way to fertility. People suffering from hormone imbalance will find relief in the ketogenic way of eating.

Things to Remember

While following your keto diet plan, you have to keep below-mentioned facts in your mind to avoid certain health maladies:

Hard to Stick

Social gatherings are events where one feast on the food. It is hard to confine yourself to only your diet plan. Which means you cannot have at least 75% of the food. You cannot drink wine but only one or two low-crabs drink. The dryer the wine, the better it is. Dining out in restaurants, you have to be extremely cautious of the hidden carbs in the menu. So it makes social gatherings really harder. You lose weight in the first weeks due to loss of water but excess of it may lead to dehydration. Loss of water is accompanied by electrolytes, salts, and minerals which may prove fatal. So you’ll need to stay hydrated on first weeks.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Cutting your carbs drastically and sudden increase in fats intake may result in the intestinal disturbance. The body tends to crave for carbs intake and leads to constipation or diarrhea. Therefore, it is hard to stick to the diet at early stages, as body rejects the sudden changes. You need to be strong enough to bear with these changes.

Bans on usual foods and sweets

Usually the main of our food list is flooded with carbs. Bread, pasta, rice etc are full of crabs. So, in the ketogenic diet, one has to give up on all of the crabs’ intake. Which means no more pizza, burgers or ice cream. It is quite difficult, but once you get used to it your crave for carbs will decrease or disappear completely. It may also ban some of the fruits due to its sugar contents.


Above are the benefits and things to remember to avoid certain ailments. If you aimed to lose weight to fit into an ideal size, you’ll overcome the obstacles and achieve your goal. You may take 28 days keto plan and see the results for yourself. Goodluck!

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